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Market for $ 30 million to Pele sued Samsung tort

Signings Korea KBS Television news, Pele sued Samsung will not be allowed in advertisements and Bailey look like models, which violates its trademark rights, demanding Samsung electronic compensation of us $ 30 million (about 194 million yuan). Victorias Secret

In 2015, Samsung TV ads in the New York Times used a Pele is extremely similar to the models, but the advertisement did not mention keywords such as Pele. But Bailey said, not only uses a Samsung models are similar in looks with him, and was playing on the TV in the advertising image of a soccer player, it is intended to give the audience a misleading. Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret

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Interview with Jiang Wang Tao engineer RoboMasters contest into F1 and the World

Interview with Jiang Wang Tao: engineer RoboMasters contest into F1 and the World Cup

The afternoon of 28th, organised by the innovation of Xinjiang 2016 RoboMasters the National College robot contest Championship was born in Bay Sports Center Gymnasium of spring cocoons, means that this robot competition officially came to an end after 2 months. This competition a total of 228 teams attract more than more than 160 colleges and universities in the world, nearly 7,000 young engineers to join the competition. After the partition is, the playing Hall ISA filter, the top 32 teams come to the fore, NBA Finals stage.

RoboMasters game is a big important project of Xinjiang, Wang Tao from 4 years ago started preparations last year as a nationwide group of the national open. For this year's event was pleased with Wang Tao, he considered "fun, good-looking" is his desired result.

RoboMasters competition for the on inspiration, Wang Tao does not pretend to be from his "most profound impact" (Wang Tao said in a media interview earlier) Robocon competition. But with more conventional robotics competitions such as Robocon different RoboMasters design games-strategy defense and scoring. Compared with the last year's inaugural competition, RoboMasters upgraded the venue this year with game, the spectator makes the scene has been greatly enhanced.

Held every RoboMasters has to spend tens of millions of Yuan of Xinjiang of costs and almost no rewards. The move was criticized as purely Wang Tao personal feelings, others believe that this is an expensive job fairs.

At this year's RoboMasters after the game, innovation of Xinjiang leader Wang Tao received the Lei Feng network interview with CEO,RoboMasters, expresses his vision--make the RoboMasters image for RoboMasters F1 formula or top events like the World Cup, was anticipated by engineers and inventors became stars.

The following is the full text of the interview, the adjustment does not affect the original intention of excision and word order:

YSL Galaxy S5 Case

Lei feng's network: the original idea for what to do RoboMasters?

Wang Tao: I participated in RoboCon robot competition in business, and benefit. This is a platform for young, however, RoboCon appreciation is not good, and themes change every year. I want to be a spectator is a strong robot contest, emphasizing athletics, so that the people can better play more hi.

Interview with Jiang Wang Tao: engineer RoboMasters contest into F1 and the World Cup

RoboMasters finals of the ground and lighting design YSL Galaxy S5 Case

Lei feng's network: from ornamental considerations, RoboMasters introduced a lot of new rules this year. Would be able to introduce this idea?

Wang Tao: to build a competitive robot contest is a new challenge, the rules of the game need to be established from scratch. Current rules no iteration of the game, and is still in the exploratory stage, but by constantly playing the game, they will tend to be more exciting and more reasonable.

Game designed in March this year, in July, partitioned iteration after the game once more. After this match, I think it will be slow evolution, very important point is that we should have changed, all sorts of things will be better, but we are very familiar with the game, and cannot be a rule often protean, like football Needless to say we all know what the rules are, our robot can do this, but the map is not the same.

Lei feng's network: so RoboMasters can be a bit like e-sports competition? Audiences also heard for the first time at the scene said it was like watching War3 (Blizzard launched the real-time strategy game Warcraft 3: the frozen throne, the player usually referred to as War3).

Wang Tao: we can say that we are in the process of creating a new sports, and I think we designed the last of these elements will gradually more wonderful than a lot of traditional sports events. Next year, we want to let those bullets are Flash, Visual even better, in fact, these items we are developing, the effect should be quite good. Because of the large field teams only had half the preparation time, next year over year, based on the existing number of iterations and improvements, I think many will be an exciting race.

Interview with Jiang Wang Tao: engineer RoboMasters contest into F1 and the World Cup

Robot teams on both sides exchanged fire at the bridge, robots against the use of live ammunition against blood Panel to each robot, robots will be amount of blood loss after being hit by bullet, once the volume is zero, means that the robot was killed.

Lei feng's network: what had been done in the RoboMasters field the technical team work? Would like to take this opportunity to develop new products?

Wang Tao: we developed the field of image transmission system, a points system, and integrated control system of the site. For example, we use a global positioning system, so that games can have a small map, like playing video games, you can know the location of each robot. Innovation of Xinjiang currently has more than 30 people specialized in operating RoboMasters of these systems, in order to maintain updated iteration of the system in order to prevent any flaws in your game.

Jiang did not specify what kind of equipment for the players or what hardware set threshold. Xinjiang mainly provided to players is the most basic of motor, chassis, and after a period of competition, many teams are slowly starting to make their own parts replacement parts provided by us, that is what we want to see.

RoboMasters for the organizers and contestants, there are technical challenges. To ensure technical and entertaining, and certainly not with our open source technology, nor let players start from zero. So you need to provide some technical support so that they can play in a base. And we encourage players into our technology to help you and learn too fast. Jiang on what technology can be used if there is, it is very convenient.

Interview with Jiang Wang Tao: engineer RoboMasters contest into F1 and the World Cup

All robots are designed by team freedom, frontier offers including mechanical and electrical control of the chassis of open source technology, teams in these open source technologies on the basis of free play.

Lei feng's network: RoboMasters of the contestants are college students of science and engineering, Jiang is trying to select an engineer?

Wang Tao: done field work also relies on talented people, help those future engineers learn more about Xinjiang, in fact, can be considered a good return.

RoboMasters is a comprehensive game master, it can be said that almost half of the students of science and engineering can find his place in this game. I think this thing is even possible in our education system is important to develop machinery and electronics in professional college students after the link.

RoboMasters is also a very good social practice, it and business alike, to technology research and development, team management, you also need to specify the tactics and strategies. Is a very difficult challenge. Winning students of the so in the contest, in the actual project challenges, I think they will perform better than others. Students walk out from the RoboMasters, I'm sure more graduates than the general good, but compared with the sophisticated engineers and, of course, takes time to sharpen.

We do expect to pay more attention to RoboMasters player community, find more on Xinjiang people interested in joining Xinjiang. Sometimes it's a very important product lines, is one of the key people, we can do this. In this sense, invested tens of millions of in this game are worth it.

Interview with Jiang Wang Tao: engineer RoboMasters contest into F1 and the World Cup

Participating team members carefully debugging device, this competition a total of 228 teams attract more than more than 160 colleges and universities in the world, nearly 7,000 young engineers to join the competition.

Lei feng's network: so by commentators is right, RoboMasters is an "expensive fair"? Can you comment on RoboMasters financial situation?

Wang Tao: I think RoboMasters the purpose, the driving force is doing a cool thing for me, shaping a feel beautiful in the eyes of the world, like Hayao Miyazaki to shape many of the beauty of the world. Miyazaki is great because he created an imaginary world, there are many very good factors, many of which are on the flight, including the Sky City, the Valley of the wind, thousands of spirited away is to create a fantasy world. Well, actually, I think young people who love technology, all have their own visions of the world, and to me, RoboMasters is my childhood world of fantasy, but is never going to achieve, and now have the opportunity to realize this world, so it is a very good thing. And this allows us not only to find pleasure in the world, or you can let everybody play to their ability, this is all good but no harm. We have to agree with this idea, of course, can only achieve it together.

We hope that in the real world through their own ingenuity to do some new things. Actually, this is a feast of engineer, inventor of the feast. I also mentioned last year, the society in which we are not short of entertainers and sports stars, but those who are not likely to become a star by doing things. Turn on the TV and we can't find a engineers, inventors can become a celebrity intellectual sports. I hope RoboMasters can create the national icon Yao Ming and Liu Xiang, more jobs that fine body of innovators and entrepreneurs. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

In fact, in the long run, we hope this game can push the imaging formula one car, or a bit more ambitious, like the football World Cup as it is now. Become an influential technology event, allowing pursuit of technical excellence and creativity, become a popular trend.

Of course, do everything we cannot simply one-way input everything into consideration balance between inputs and outputs. RoboMasters, a surplus in the end. RoboMasters there is no balance annually tens of millions of investments, has invested 350 million this year, the Government we supported more than 10 million, also has some commercial cooperation.

I'm thinking, for example, the game can really do a number of derivatives of toys or equipment. For example when we were playing with Raider, Raider is now, don't you think this stuff should upgrade it? RoboMasters mature, introducing some competitive equipment of all ages can play Kit. If this toy does well, can also make some money? Something healthier than playing online games now!

This thing sure to rule after further iterations of the game, a year will do it!

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest): your RoboMasters very seriously, may be beyond the imagination of the public. In what part of the game is you design for yourself?

Wang Tao: Let me the most creative, but in the process, teams for the rule in the iteration, now has greatly improved from the initial idea, original idea to use live ammunition against bullets and acceleration of blood is my idea. Now multi melee, air combat, I think, like "hero robot" is more detailed design team spent a lot of time to perfect.

Game involved in electronics, machinery, computer vision technology and control technology for unmanned, in fact we have done a lot of work. Than last year due to added some new elements, there is progress. We also introduce the latest drone technology to the game, but after all, drone for many players, the contact time is relatively short, and not very skilled, I think next year they will have a breakthrough.

We have the most advanced technology, so that students have a good exercise, but also is a very good game, and there is a very large audience, hope more people join the game, more rewarding than playing online games now!

Interview with Jiang Wang Tao: engineer RoboMasters contest into F1 and the World Cup

RoboMasters increased drone this year, forming a ground-air battle drones provided perspective for the other robot manipulator at an altitude of battlefield information, play an important role in the whole battle, but due to high requirements of UAV operations, for field safety, in this game on the drones is tied to a rope.

Lei feng's network: one last question, RoboMasters you on the final stage of a speech last year, supports industry, received a high degree of attention. Why instead of speeches this year, along with a group of people quietly awarded a prize?

Wang Tao: in fact, I really don't like "their own" people. Platform last year, on the one hand, of course, is "Internet mentality" of speaking a lot, I don't think people are paying attention to real value and opportunities for innovation, made in China, because of our feelings on the other, is actually more importantly want to support RoboMasters contest, I hope you start to focus on the game.

Large parts of Xinjiang in the past year in public relations and dissemination is a great change, there are specialized teams to do these things, you see this game spectators, media, many more than last year. I think I can do things behind the scenes, is the most important.

Interview with Jiang Wang Tao: engineer RoboMasters contest into F1 and the World Cup

Left three, front row for Xinjiang leader Wang Tao of innovation CEO,robomasters for championship team One Point Five of the University s awards and photos

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Thinner is better with OPPO R5 experience video

Thinner is better with OPPO R5 experience video

Today's mobile phones in addition to increasing it, also became more thin and this was reflected in the domestic mobile phone completely. OPPO R5 as the OPPO's masterpiece at the end of one of the naturally has its special features, and ultra slim design is also one of its biggest selling points, how thin this phone, what are the overall experience? Join us to explore it.

Youku: Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus

Tencent's video: Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus cover

Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus cover

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AIR 037 Fuchun Sun at Tsinghua University Visual or auditory cognition of the

AIR 037 | Fuchun Sun at Tsinghua University: Visual or auditory cognition of the 8-year war

On August 13, CCF-GAIR intelligent handling of the second day of the Summit session, Professor, Tsinghua University Fuchun Sun brings major research projects of the National Natural Science Fund Committee Visual or auditory information the Committee's eight-year plan. Vera Bradley case

Fuchun Sun said that after 8 years of this project demonstrate until 2008 in the National Natural Science Fund Committee was established, which is a major and audio-visual night's cognitive computing project. From 2008 to 2017, total 8 years, their aim is the study of human cognitive mechanism of Visual or auditory, developing new computational model, improve your computer with people related to the Visual or auditory perception images, voice and text comprehension and efficiency, was designed around the expression of cognitive processes and the basic scientific questions.

What is the human cognitive mechanism of Visual or auditory?

 Extraction and expression of basic characteristics of perception and integration

 Machine learning and understanding data Vera Bradley cell phone case

 Study on cross-modal information collaboration and calculation of

Their main job is to study the human visual auditory perception, how to encode these information in the brain is? How do brain regions cooperation information integration? And put these into quantifiable model, so we can encode the auditory and Visual information, through a calculation model for processing to perceive and understand the environment, and human understanding that understanding and comparing eventually make use of this technology in unmanned areas.

Shows from 2008 in the speech begins 8 years important achievements in the Visual or auditory perception, and since 2009 has held a total of 7 times no one challenge in the process:

Further results on cognitive science.

Natural language understanding and brain-computer interfaces to integrate it into the car's platform, many results still remain in the laboratory.

The important progress achieved by unmanned vehicle platforms, further promote innovation, leading the development of unmanned vehicles industry.

Your vision for the future

1 research, cognitive mechanism, how to form a Computable model, we explore the many ways, needed further improvement.

2, in the cognitive process context-aware topology information expression and understanding.

3, to explore the emerging multimodal sensors, such as integration with voice and video information.

Study human-machine intelligence 4, mixing, this is version 2.0 has just referred to by the national artificial intelligence, we have to study human-machine hybrid intelligent systems.

  No one challenge platform hopes more results on cognitive science.

The following speeches:

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! If one day you sit in the driver's car, saw cab with no driver, or the driver does not grasp the steering wheel, you don't be shocked, because we have entered an era of unmanned. You may have imagined, from Changsha to Wuhan, more than 2,800 kilometers of road, and a rainy day sunshine, manual intervention only accounted for 0.75% of the entire section, from Beijing to Tianjin, 150 kilometers of road, without human intervention, to achieve full autonomous driving. May be more difficult for you to imagine that, in an autonomous section inside the vehicle through the 2.08-meter barriers only 11 centimeters of wool, autonomous vehicle efficiency is the artificial 5 times.

We today give us into the State Committee on NSFC major research plan Visual or auditory information through the eight years of a story.

Cognitive computing to Visual or auditory information, I compare it to 8 years 5 years of the war of liberation and the Korean war. After 8 years of this project demonstrate until 2008 in the National Natural Science Fund Committee was established, significant Visual or auditory cognitive computing project. Here we would like to thank Zheng Nanning, Li Deyi, Chen Lin and Sun jiaguang, academician.

Visual or auditory information is first seen this picture you can see that this figure is referred to in an article published in 1997, we can see that God's special favor. From our eyes to the cortex of the slightly curved. This link is connected perception and information processing section, we think such a long sensing and processing parts, our tactile and auditory perception and sections are not so long, so we see that the eyes are the Windows of our hearts. We obtain 80% information from sight, our 60% are associated with visual cortex.

Vera Bradley cell phone case

Hearing is very important of part, natural figure as after coefficient coding yihou of dilute function, in recent years of research we more found has touch and Visual isomorphism, this on makes we thought blind of eyes special good, future we can through artificial camera put Visual coding into touch coding, let blind sense by external of world, this two years has has artificial retinal of appeared, desire through another a article channel. We also found that in these two years, it is this voice, voice drying characteristics in a sparse coding are particularly good. Voice also has bottom like a tactile structure? This is the problem we have to study. Audiovisual awareness information in this plan refers to Visual or auditory perception with others voice and images related to the text.

Audiovisual awareness information in our daily lives very much, we have a variety of means, we call for information, cell phones, cameras, network cameras, satellite remote sensing and so on and so on. They should be able to think, we now live in a three-way world, where three world? Is an online world, the physical world, and their shared knowledge of the world. Before the network, we live in a world of duality, three people working in the world? I am a student that you give me both in English translation, I said you give me, he gave me at once, he put it in the Google translation check. Global intelligence in the past we it's hard to say the robot, its intelligence is part of today in the online world, robots can get global intelligence.

Speak one of the most simple examples of autonomous vehicle completely to an unfamiliar environment, such as from the airport to our venue, it simply find a path, sogou map it can plan paths, our venue can be found through pattern recognition camera, into the venue, which is brought about by the network. As we know, the network there are a lot of, we call the mass of audio-visual perception of sensory data. How quickly and effectively we find these techniques, turning it into the available knowledge, which is very important in the drone.

As we know, the voice inside the monitor and sound monitor, first of all, we take a look at the video monitor, such as Beijing, now has more than 1 million camera, is the amount of information that it does? An hour is equivalent to the amount of CCTV, the sum total of all of the programs, so a large amount of information is difficult to obtain basic processing in a timely manner. Voice monitoring, we take a simple number, such as Falun Gong outside fit phones up to 500,000 a day, daily call volume for 400 million minutes, how do we deal effectively with the information, but also very difficult.

We'll look at a comparison between robots and people, we are very clear, structured information, such as reports, examination of student information registration, that kind of thing. Machine capacity far greater than man, but for non-structured information, such as auditory information, driving process Visual information far superior to machines, we can quickly find my familiar friend in the crowd. Someone driving a car can drive in any complex environment. Despite the machine's calculating speed faster, but the cognitive abilities of the computer is very backward, its cognitive ability than a three-year-olds.

We compare one machine parallelism is the wall on the approach, perceived, are particularly good at cross-modal information, you know the cat's visual cortex, auditory cortex are heavy, but it is separate. Visual touch audio, how do these work with? Why do people have such a strong ability, integrity and selectivity are people strong. People in the crowd could see the mother, is the mother of children recognized by the twins, the machines were in the wrong. And children know what he meant was, this is the machine can't do.

We regard the guiding ideology of auditory perception is to study visual auditory perception, how to encode these information in the brain is? How do brain regions cooperation information integration? And put these into quantifiable model, so we can encode the auditory and Visual information, through a calculation model for processing to perceive and understand the environment, and human understanding that understanding and comparing eventually make use of this technology in unmanned areas.

About our great plans from 2008 to 2017 for 8 years, our objective is the study of human cognitive mechanism of Visual or auditory, developing new computational model, improve your computer with people related to the Visual or auditory perception images, voice and text comprehension and efficiency, make an important contribution to national security and the national economy. So we focus on this need, our goal is around the cognitive processes of expression and calculation of basic scientific questions.

    , Extract features of perception, expression and integration, which we will explore basic features of human visual or auditory information extraction, expression and integration mechanism, laying the Foundation for the build efficient calculation model.

    Second, machine learning and interpretation of sensory data, mainly around the image, voice, and language data is unstructured and semi-structured features made computers difficult to realize the transformation from data to the semantic layer, establishment of new machine learning methods are effective ways of achieving this transformation.

    Third, on cross-modal information collaboration and calculation of learning. Visual and auditory information it is a dynamic sequence, it can be expressed as what? Sports manifold forms, for example, this is a form of Visual information, it is auditory information. Visual auditory integration first of all to find both the public part of the information flow, and then called integration of information before it can be to deal with the integration of information.

Multimodal fusion we take a look at two basis functions of sensing information is the same. Function of image and sound base is not the same, this leads to the concept of sparse, if the difference between the two functions is relatively small, we can find the public portion, this is such a principle based on sparse coding. So our expected results are organized around three core scientific questions to leading basic research. Mainly we were Visual or auditory information on basic theory of cognitive problems after an eight-year effort has made a lot of progress, the three have made breakthroughs in key technologies, such as Visual or auditory information for collaborative computing, natural language understanding and audiovisual awareness related to the cognitive brain-machine interfaces. We also created two international competitions, a challenge is the future of unmanned vehicles, a game is a brain-computer interface.

Here's a look at our achievements, we have three national natural science award.


    Driving brain is our outstanding research achievements over the years, its main achievement is to simulate our driving experiences. One called down and put our people in this environment how to make decisions, and learn through our long experience of human cognitive abilities. There are learning and audio-visual information one of our time we remove people in driving some of the emotional impact, such as a person in the drive may have some emotional effects, is to get rid of in our cognitive processes.

    We continue to look at, this is our brain, it has a long memory, personality, one's character decides he drove conservative or that some people are more assertive. We have long-term significance, who formed in the process of driving experience and skills in the long term. Motivation is to finish path planning for one-time tasks from start to finish. Short-term memory: indicates that the driver's attention, just driving around and the current situation of the past. Emotions: denial of emotional part of the brain into the driver's brain, never distracted because of the emotions, the robot has been dedicated. Everyone has seen in the past, said a driver after a street when Street building have a picture of a pretty girl, and crashed, robotic unmanned vehicles is now can put an end to this phenomenon. Another is learning and thinking, such as SLAM on the basis of, memory match, complete quadratic programming, to decide the next time. This is driving the concept of brain.

We take this concept from the uplink and downlink are following a pattern, our eyes, our ears can perceive the outside environment. Our people based on perceptions of environmental information, for example, where, beside this there are no obstacles and goals through long-term memory area for decision in this case how do I drive, this is called action. And between information and information on the action, did I achieve my results, they form a closed loop, from situational awareness to the situation analysis and decision-making, to the precise control and online actions. So we formed such a driver's brain, earlier we called perception part, called perceptual domain. Planning component is called cognitive domain, this part we call the action field.

So, for example, our first driving the car is GPS, radar and optical systems, in general we GPS is not used in the game, and then form a long-term and short-term memory, and the integration of sensory information, form the driving situation maps. There is a very important concept is the right of way, is itself occupies space in the formation, formed on the basis of the ownership. Such as speed there should be little change, how big should it one around the corner, forming decision memory pool. By controlling modules unmanned vehicles, from perception to decision to control, forming a closed loop. This is done by NVIDIA DrivePX autopilot system.


This is the last form of wheeled robots, to learn from experienced drivers to drive on the left shows the driving experience of the past, this side is a driving experience, we see that this is our driverless cars on the far right, by perception, through the formation of realize the driver's perception of the situation. And by carefully extracting and forming memories. This is current of cognitive, people in driving process inside current of cognitive, including mountain, and Visual integrated formed of driving situation figure, with experience situation for match, this environment in I completed so a task should how driving, I find I of experience library inside, I past do had this thing, this situation Xia should so do may effect best, found match, found yihou on put this experience used to learning, used to awareness, then manipulation steering wheel.

This process can be achieved by deep learning, like we did, our second model to reasoning, in this environment facing some obstacles, how am I going to do, how fast change of the driving, angle change, creating a model, this model can also express deep learning.

We also have a very important group is the detection of vehicles, which is used since 1998 no article vehicle detection method is completely out of training samples, we present here a way.   This triple reasoning is between two and three dimensional space interact and then confirmed, completely out of the framework of the training samples, full three Uighur Li Yongle scenes and images.

Over the past eight years, we have Visual or auditory information cognitive mechanism and has also done a lot of work, for example in the fields of neuroscience, Neuron and 2012 and the IEEE CVPR2010 on a work. The work in the United States CVPR, greatly improves the efficiency of this method.  This work is about how tactile Visual segmentation, using different time structures of noise down time segmentation of brain processes, optimization of two time scales.

As we all know, internationally an international brain imaging Assembly, the report of the General Assembly are hard to do here, which is elected by the academic Committee of the Organizing Committee, for more than 20 years in our country does not have a go at its 18 session the Academician Lin Chen as the first theme of the Conference report.

Multi-channel brain-computer interfaces we have a very good work, in two consecutive years, this article has been listed as the top referrers of this magazine article.


This is an article about a non-invasive brain-machine interface efficient character input, typing whole characters 1 time times, this article was published in the United States journal of natural science, which is by far the best work in this area. We put the brain-computer interface in terms of unmanned, through the movement of mind control to control unmanned vehicles. Through brain-computer interface for automatic parking. This is from the 2008 games has been insisting since the brain-computer interface, now non-immersion in a brain-computer interface to our leading position in the world.

Here are some shows I will do a report. This figure is the 2011 July from Changsha to Wuhan, a total of 286 km, which lasted 3 hours, 22 minutes, this section has rain, overtaking, entire human intervention only 2140 meters. This work was completed on November 25, 2014 the long distance highway from Beijing to Tianjin autonomous driving test, which lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Last two minutes of time to introduce our challenge of the unmanned vehicles, I starting from 2009 to 7 tournament was held last year, the first is the long-BA ecological district of XI ' an, when 2.6 kilometers of road. 2010 is organized by the University in Xian, 2.6 kilometers of road, test curves, and so on. 2011 in Ordos, added to the 10 km behind me there is a table listing the basic situation of several matches. Changshu, starting in 2013, 2014 and 2015 are in Changshu, Jiangsu Province. We have seven games listed in this table, teams growing number in seven years, most of the 22 teams, game scenario is more complex, from 2.6 kilometers to 6.7 km to 10 km to 13.5 km. From the results, manual intervention was largely gone, and the speed is getting faster, includes just me from Changsha to Wuhan from Beijing to Tianjin is done without human intervention, so our game is confined inside the closed roads and the road to real environment.

To summarise, 8 years has made many achievements, some work that we think is very important in the future. First is the cognitive mechanism of research results, how to form a Computable model, we explore the many ways, needed further improvement. Second is the topology information in the environmental sense in the cognitive process of expression and understanding. Explore the emerging multimodal sensors. Such as integrated voice and video information. Is the problem of human-computer intelligent hybrid, this is version 2.0 has just referred to by the national artificial intelligence, we have to study human-machine hybrid intelligent systems.

Finally our idea is that we want to use this platform to publish more results on cognitive science. The second natural language understanding and brain-computer interfaces to integrate it into the car's platform, many results still remain in the laboratory. Third is what we require is the important progress achieved by unmanned vehicle platforms, further promote innovation, leading the development of unmanned vehicles industry.

Finally, I close with this poem today, I share with you: celebrating Global Summit on artificial intelligence and robotics, human slave imitation of WINS, Kiss my Dr farming cont books. (PPT)

Thank you very much!

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Want to drive like a plane wave Ma Binbin has something to say

Want to drive like a plane wave, Ma Binbin has something to say

There are many inevitable bondage in everyday driving, such as the need for mobile phone, car, watching the screen navigation, call, this time will bring many risks to driving high, according to statistics 38% of traffic accidents are caused due to the factors that influence the safety of driving.

TechWeb-sponsored No. 209 in the week IT on forums, see driving technology founder Ma Binbin, also had to communicate with him after the meeting, driving safety and the use of HUD, he had some of his views.

Not simply the pursuit of science and technology

Tesla, in parts of the machine in a 17-inch control display screen, it looked when navigation was actually more impact driving vision. Ma Binbin saying: "Tesla has been to showcase their technologies, but not really from a user perspective. Hand gesture recognition include BMW, will also affect driving. So technology is not equivalent to the products, only the pursuit of science and technology, if technology is not organic and artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as product together, it's just things in the laboratory. "

Ma Binbin deep experience working in gold, according to the statistics, 80% people had missed the crossing because of see map, navigation voice and real road conditions make people hesitate on the one hand, on the other hand about 50 meters of the GPS error under normal conditions, there is no other way to make it easier to deal with these problems? Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

That's nearly two years closely watched vehicle HUD (head up display). First appeared in the fighter, using optical reflection principle, important flight information onto a piece of glass, and image in the sky. Basic principle is the mirror reflection, if applied to the car, the vehicle HUD information related to navigation through the windshield onto the distance 2-3 meters in front of the car, drivers can focus on the road while you can see the navigation information, contribute to safe driving. And how the glass extends also to road traffic information is precisely in line with eye focus observe road conditions.

HUD display technology analysis

Ma Binbin numerous HUD products one by one the various pros and cons, they eventually choose desktop HUD Navdy instruments, placed on the instrument table, image directly reflect through the front windshield, put them in the machine, than on the rear-view mirror, Sun block vision of a more transparent, minimal impact to observe road conditions.

Ma Binbin tells us that reflection Imaging in the HUD is a AR way, enhance the image to surface, is the most secure. In terms of Imaging is applying the principles of reflection, need to be 40%-60% reflectance coated glass, mirror another refraction only directly through the front windshield, which will have a severe ghosting, if directly reflect the same phone or pad can affect vision, and heat dissipation problems.

Loading HUD is DLP light machine is widely used in the market as the image source, including the driving technology of radish. As HUD hardware core technology, DLP development is relatively mature, number color, dynamic range, resolution is very good, even over LCD in certain areas, such as clarity, color reduction, contrast and so on, but the DLP had a temperature problem, that's why Navdy delays in delivery. Another kind of TFT Panel image, but the bigger the screen costs are very high, the current resolution is the biggest 480*240, existing products are 240*120, but complex maps such as overpass bridge is not legible. By contrast DLP also is the focus of many manufacturers, can improve faster.

BMW, Mercedes, Audi and other carmakers have tried to carry boxes, through internal refraction imaging multiple times in the box 2 metres, relatively large size of the box. If you can reduce costs with antireflection film for reflective coating on one side, but the edge there is ghosting, costs around 5000. If direct front glass, front loading costs will be 10,005. Loading HUD priced between 1000-2000 in the country. Hello Kitty Note 3 cases

Want to drive like a plane wave, Ma Binbin has something to say

Human interactions improve the user experience

In addition to the clarity of the image and product placement from speech recognition interactive human maintained and stability is also very important. In this regard because Chinese language features are more suitable for Chinese speech recognition technology and habits more appropriate dialect and grammar, technical difficulty is learning through data to filter out the noise, SI Chi Ma Binbin has found cooperation in this area. Customized research and development on both sides, in-vehicle speech recognition under the noisy environment, combined with the pavement, speaker characteristics, human-computer interaction to adjust to higher degree of speech recognition. As he says, not too open, set in-car noise environment, they can do better than small, ice, small I.

As Ma Binbin intended future driving recorder, OBD, high-resolution imagery, infrared night vision and so can step in driving a custom ROM system developed, which is an Internet portal. Radishes will open their API so that other manufacturers directly in. Ma Binbin tells us, the second generation of turnips is going to come out, than the first generation, second generation machines will become an open platform as a whole.

HUD also applies specifically to display navigation information or ADAS data, allows the driver to watch the road ahead while other functions. Loading HUD after the home has emerged over more than 10 companies, HUD is already pre-installed on many high-end models abroad.

Challenges not only from the product itself, consumer driving habits also influence their understanding and popularization of the HUD. But in the car market, HUD has gained consumer attention, wanting to make driving safer and livelier, HUD is free driver one of the best early adopters of products.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Ford s investment in India car rental platform to enter the area of car sharing

Automotive networking and the sharing of the economic rise of a conventional car manufacturers a certain impact on the business, while traditional car companies in order to adapt quickly to market, have also begun to develop "smart driving" or "intelligent" related business, as old traditional auto companies, Ford was down this road. Juicy Couture iPhone case Juicy Couture iPhone 5S case

Ford's investment in India car rental platform, to enter the area of car sharing

Recently, India car rental platform Zoomcar completed its c round of funding, total financing of up to $ 25 million, and vote on the current round of financing was led by Ford Motor, in which investment is 15 million, another $ 10 million from its early investors Sequoia Capital and other institutions with investment. As early as last year, Zoomcar won the Sequoia Capital, Nokia, Empire Angels invested $ 11 million fund so far total US $ 4620.

Zoomcar was founded in 2012, jointly founded by Greg Moran and David BaCk. Focused to provide car rental services, including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and other forms. Company car type is wide, from a normal hatchback car to a large SUV and luxury car, you name it. Previously, the Zoomcar approved the membership, allow individuals to rental cars by the hour or by heaven and Earth, imitating the United States the ZiPCAR drive mode of science and technology, and after localization, has been very good.

Held in Shanghai as early as this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC), Ford has announced that in India and local car-sharing company Zoomcar has launched a car-sharing experiment, mainly for family, colleagues, and neighbors such as small groups of closely related. This car uses, more flexible than public transport, also lets users before you had a chance to afford cars.

Juicy Couture iPhone case

Zoomcar the purpose of the investment was not made clear, Ford wants to rapid occupation of car sharing market in the field of cooperation with its depth, this step is crucial to Ford into the cars of the future of networking.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Hacker Yuan Ge stories about some of my

A real hacker, not calm inside.

If you see Yuan Ge, almost doubt that judgment. You can't put this kind even Harper's uncle and that year relied on a piece of code can freely access all personal computers and servers "God of cyberspace" link.

But trust me, once in his spiritual world, you'll see the waves.

Compared to writing and language, Yuan Ge more accustomed to using digital lyric and code. A silent man constantly asked the world for answers, repeatedly overturned people's fundamental understanding of cyberspace.

Reality is so scary, we love this story.

Hacker Yuan Ge: stories about some of my


A pen, a book, a game

Those enamored of mathematics, who has a calm atmosphere. When Yuan Ge, Yuan Ge and small time, precisely when in elementary school, already holds mathematics books a day, standing in the roaring days.

I was born in the countryside, home conditions were not good, so I had in primary school library or the Xinhua Bookstore in the town to see my favorite book. Fortunately my interest mathematics books, sales are not too good. Cents, two cents can buy a book. But even so, I find it difficult to afford, only one favorite, the thickest and most expensive one home.

When it comes to school, Yuan Ge has started to look at graduate student group on the content of the Boolean algebra of the symmetry identities, you can head up the students eyes when he is holding the book.

Buy these books are paid for.

When it was junior high school, a ballpoint pen is nice stationery. Once I and home to a few cents I want to buy a ballpoint pen. But I did well in the exam, get school award is a ball pen. I told them this is what I bought and saved money to buy a book.

This incident, my brother "informer", Yuan Ge end was beaten by his father. That time, poverty walk in front of the material poverty of the spirit. Yuan Ge is beating a book obviously lucky it's not too bad.

Math and logic of paranoia, allowing him to get along with a unique perspective and the world.

I have a classmate's older brother, likes to play chess, so I'm interested in chess endgame. Next pieces there is an important principle, that is not in accordance with the thinking of most people, but to consider all the logical possibilities. In normal times, you won't get the car for others, but in pieces, you have to consider the space, in fact, every step a step can be abstracted into a Boolean algebra, logical, mathematical methods can solve the puzzle.

 In addition to master is the mess outside, juvenile Yuan Ge is poker puzzle master, master brain teasers. Maybe for him, nothing is more sexy than the strict logical thing in the world. Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 6 Case

Hacker Yuan Ge: stories about some of my

"When he was President of Shandong University, Pan Chengdong, a mathematician"


Admire, President of Shandong University, mathematical master of Pan Chengdong fame seriously leaning branch Yuan Ge rely on mathematics and physics two almost perfect grades narrowly entered the Department of mathematics of Shandong University. However, Yuan Ge faces a thorny issue at the University, that is almost all of the courses he completed the study in high school. Sit in class in a daze is a kind of torture for him to sleep.

"I don't want to go to classes, I prefer to learn, because learning to learn faster, deeper. "His argument is simple and straightforward. Yuan Ge on the hunt for a new world that fascinated him, the computer walks into his life.

1993-1997 is Yuan Ge College cyber world did not like this into the vastness of the ocean. Computer viruses are often spread through floppy disks from one computer to another computer. Yuan Ge recalls that just want to "understand viruses this piece." Once Yuan Ge to figure out something, that is true, clear, white. You know.

Due to the special properties of the virus, they tend to spread via computer the underlying logic. "Follow" virus Yuan Ge, also came to the bottom of the cyberspace. The Assembly language of the computers work, the principles of operating systems principles of disk controllers, Yuan Ge on a lesson not to spend all day reading these books in the library.

Machine is on the money in school, so I can't stay in the room. I use debug disassembly room operating system BIOS code encounter code that requires careful study, I use the school exercise-books copied down. Some code is translated into high few lines of code, but because my copy is to the underlying Assembly code, is very large. Then I found out that homework is my copy was full.

For him, the University for four years, the most powerful skills, ability to communicate is the master of the soul and computers--binary language. Computer, binary code like everyone used to think of "accent", there is no language could be more than binary "machine heart". Yuan Ge now when looking at the binary code, and can automatically fill out the brain of high-level language source code, people like this thinking in computer world, not many around the world. He was like a "wind speaker", a lyric in the eyes of ordinary people like the wind.

The underlying principle of the computer is boring, but if you are interested in it, you find that this principle can understand and control a computer's basic functions, it is very comfortable. If your computer is good, add some input, basic can be Daniel.

Yuan Ge says.

Yuan Ge College not only overripe in mind a variety of programming languages, from the virus was seen on the most treacherous sophisticated use of language. Yuan Ge recalls:

For example, the famous ghost virus can automatically deformation, which breaks the rules relies on Avira virus signatures;

For example DIR virus can completely bypass the antivirus mechanisms, created a new way of infection.

"Pirate dealers" I

Yuan Ge, out of all imprisoned in this cyber world, is his immortal River. In addition to break beyond the school room antivirus card causes the virus raging, cracking its fried-day anti-virus software "KV300" is also one of his actions.

Hacker Yuan Ge: stories about some of my

"At the end of one of the most popular antivirus software (no): KV 300 antivirus floppy"

At that time I was working on a CPU to run special mechanisms: DMA. Some information is transmitted directly by the CPU, you might want to wait for a long time, so you can achieve auxiliary transmission controlled directly by the DMA controller memory, CPU share some of the work. I found that this mechanism can be used, because every time after a DMA transfer is completed, will generate an interrupt, if blocking at this time, it can resolve its operations on the disk. In this way the cycle, you can read entire anti-virus information of a floppy disk, completely bypassing its encryption technology.

When other people do crack, from time to time be jiangmin blocked, but I cracked disk, whenever you update the virus definitions, it can be used normally.

For the year of "works", Yuan Ge is very satisfactory. So much so that when he didn't pass the English four levels and not get diplomas and degree certificates, he even thought of, if you can't find a job, to sell the pirated disc. "They sell genuine 260, 360, I just one-tenth price, 26, 36, should be in business. "

Yuan become, God does not give "pirate dealers" opportunity, he is also in the Hisense landed the position of a single-chip development.

An instant success

People familiar with another hacker Torchbearer Zhang Xun Dee knows, because hotel first served access to broadband, he was on the road to security research, founded the hacker community, Huangpu Military Academy "security focus." Similar to di and Zhang Xun, Yuan Ge access to the Internet, because 1997 Hisense applied for a network line, which allows the Yuan Ge to work on new issues. This time, he wanted to make a network protocol. You should know, according to Yuan Ge script, as long as he "engaged in", it must have been to get crispy on outside again.

When I was studying network protocol, while reading memory, disassembled into the binary code of the control. It's like learn English memorizing words and dialog to remember.

Because no test had never graduated from CET hackers actually has a sense of humor in English, for example.

Real world there are countless kinds of logic, and each logical, as long as it exists, how bizarre, how hard to imagine that weapons may have been changing the world. Yuan Ge caught a look weird logic door.

Windows 9X, the popular network shared documents. When I study the Commons code found, the server authenticates the client when password authentication, password length check is based on information from clients shall prevail. This thing looks really weird. Because experience tells us that the length of the password, the password must be stored on the server. I'll write the validation code from the information sent by the client, tells the server to validate only one byte, the server was only one byte. One byte only 256 possible, very good crack.

Yuan Gehei into the computers of co-workers and managers, watching their wages, while lamenting the world's magic and aspired to be a cyber security expert.

Hacker Yuan Ge: stories about some of my

"Windows 98 interface (for your nostalgia)"

It was his discovery of the first real sense of vulnerability. Since then, the Yuan Geyi hand.

Vulnerability he discovered the famous Windows share password authentication, you can freely access shared files;

He was involved in creating the domestic established security company NSFOCUS, developed many high risk vulnerability IIS server, you can freely access any IIS Web servers;

He studies each PC using RPC protocols, RPC service buffer vulnerability found many serious, you can break the permissions on all Windows computers, and remote intrusions.

The beginning of 21st century, the rapid spread of the Internet in the tide, many techies login hacker forums, Yuan Ge has become a spiritual beacon of the hacker community.

Initially, Yuan Ge actively submitted to Microsoft vulnerabilities found, but when Microsoft is not willing to pay for the vulnerability of Microsoft, other noncommittal attitude submit let the Yuan gradually lost the passion, that in 2001, when Yuan Ge discovered can be used against any fatal flaws with the RPC service on a computer, he chose to be silent. Until two years after the United States via the same technology to produce 18-year-olds Jeffrey Blaster worm virus that swept halfway around the world.

Data stream--the cyber world of inception

By 2000, Microsoft's attitude towards the white hat is cool, but this does not prevent Yuan Ge exploration of network security. Yuan Ge, this was his life's "high-yield". Eat, sleep, go to the toilet every day of the time code. Core proposition is that he consider--could use a common security model to assist or even replace their own mining hole.

To understand Yuan Ge tool, you need to first understand the nature of vulnerability.

Is the nature of computer programs. Based on the input data, a bunch of code inside your computer opens an infinite number of doors, and ultimately as a result. Information entered when certain special conditions are met, it will be found inside your computer opens a strange door and tried to open it. At this time, the cyber world will face collapse, a vulnerability.

In other words, find the specific code, and you'll find a vulnerability that can defeat the system. Vulnerability mining in two main directions:

1, fuzz testing. Fuzz testing is a kind of black box testing, by random data to the system, observation systems are normal reactions. However, a system which is so large, the information you enter there are countless possible, this vast possibility space is exponential. So if a blind test, even if the universe is destroyed and can't even test all possibilities of one-.

2, white-box testing. By studying the system's source code or binary code, find the logical flaws and potential problems. This approach is equally questionable, it is a complex program, code large has gone beyond the people's ability to read. And there are many painted interface in a program code, this is not a vulnerability mining concern, but before reading, you can't exclude these useless code. Dolce Gabbana iPhone Case

Hacker Yuan Ge: stories about some of my

"Run the logic tree diagram software"

Dolce Gabbana iPhone Case

Yuan Ge tool with a fuzz testing and white box testing, what he calls "data flow" test method.

Points of interest according to the researcher, constructing targeted data and let the system handle it. In the course of processing, you can use breakpoints in the debugger to see the program running in the State, and stay through the debugger code can be reverse-guess what code is this piece of data. In this way, without a lot of code auditing, you can navigate directly to a key piece of code, the disassembly of this code, you can read the "mind". According to this code, presumably all of its logical branching and targeted according to the total amount of these branches to construct a new data, further targeted attempts.

Sounds easy, but this system the hardest is yet to come.

You can read this code, but you need to use mathematical methods of abstracting the contents of this code, all logic to deduce the branches, some humans are very easy to understand logic, wants solved by process automation will require very complex logic description. And a fine for each logical point that might follow the path of many levels, in this case also there are numerous possibilities exist, this relates to constraint solving math problems.

Yuan Ge said.

As shown in the inception, the Yuan Ge for the world of digital and logical insights, deepest Limbo in the cyber world, where there are only a few bytes of maneuver, gave him insight into the truth of the judgment.

Hacker Yuan Ge: stories about some of my

The hand of God

Around 2008, tough to resist the invasion of numerous vulnerabilities, exploit mitigation measures be implemented gradually. Such mechanisms will not reduce vulnerabilities appear, but vulnerability has become very difficult. They are like a brick wall, you know vulnerabilities on the other side, but you cannot close. Including DEP, ASLR, emet, including the CFI was effectively launched the exploit mitigation measures.

Yuan Ge stood behind the wall, ready to "go in". Suddenly, he felt the scene before, like nearly a decade ago, a memory.

Back in 1997, the macro virus is spreading, and this is a virus that use scripting code to sabotage. Due to a virus attack can only rely on the script text property, so many research institutions including Jinshan, the destructive power of this type of virus is very limited, even saying it "can only be used to prank".

But Yuan Ge does not think so, he believed his judgment: "while the macro code is interpreted, but execution is execution, and machine code is no different. "He wrote a few articles, and proved that the virus code is compiled into binary plain text formatting possibilities. In other words, an exploit program is entirely of letters and numbers can be looked like. This roughly by changing the atomic structure of a handful of sand into gold, stunning.

Time back in 2008, the Yuan Ge suddenly found himself in ten years ago of the world may be from higher dimensions vulnerabilities bypass all mitigation measures. That is, using a script (writing) code writing attack programs, through some kind of compact design, during an attack would not trigger Microsoft DEP chip for protection.

However, the exploit code into a string of plain text that sounds simple, but very complex to implement.

Two or three months time, Yuan Ge n the following things:

Read through the detailed principles of JavaScript and VBScript, complete short Board compiled the code;

Found on the IE vulnerabilities;

Tried numerous attack paths, equipped with attack combination of vulnerability;

Complete the code writing and debugging.

This method of attack, when clean sweep from the early IE 3 to all versions of IE was introduced between 9. Even when IE 10 launched two years later, in the case of a code does not change, you can still complete the attack. Yuan Ge is most proud of the technology: DVE (data virtual execution technique), he himself called "the hand of God."

It's like having another higher-dimensional space, everyone able to see the course of action, which can only carry the result of an action.

He explained.

The code, in the eyes of Yuan Ge is just a tool. Standing on "God" person, or even a poem, a poem every word has meaning to break a system. The so-called "laughing, a forest of Scull to ashes" so-so.

However, the walking in cyberspace God touched after all business predicament. 2010 Microsoft wanted $ 350,000 to buy the "hand of God"--DVE technology, but the technology in Yuan Ge, far more than this value. The business failed, until three years later, Yuan Ge friend, head of the famous hacker TK independently submitted a counter to Microsoft technologies, won the prestigious $ 100,000. Because of the technology involved and DVE technology intersect, Microsoft only to a certain extent, plugging the DVE part of an attack.

In 2014, the Yuan Ge select DVE technical details are published on the Internet, once the land God Midgard.

Hacker Yuan Ge: stories about some of my

"Zhan Lu Jian (zhanlu one)"


Yuan Ge in anticipation of his next DVE.

To this end, the rewriting of history of Internet Security hacker guru joined Tencent, a new laboratory was established, called "zhanlu".

Tell Lei Feng Yuan Ge network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest): "zhanlu, was cast by the spring and Autumn period master Ou Yezi sword. ' The sword of righteousness, naturalness ' is world's evaluation of zhanlu. "This is the age of the Yuan Ge some kind of State of mind. He needed a sword, a sword that can penetrate the clouds again.

Yuan Ge, while his inspiration and cannot be copied, but he realizes that need more than ever a team match.

Excavating the hole and now has reached a more advanced stage, if there is no team and a full range of technical support, something that is all by one person can't do that.

He said.

Reasons for joining Tencent, Yuan Ge gives a simple reason: "TK, Wu Shi all in, I understand them, their very identity. Security is to get people in this industry. "

March 2016 zhanlu laboratory was established. Yuan Ge stands in the cyber world of the frontier, waiting for a new ally.

The moment he becomes God, will return.